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Healing Together provides  a client-centred, holistic approach to healing.  Yoga weaves together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of human experience into a coherent model of healing and spiritual growth.  Healing Together balances this holistic perspective with a targeted approach to symptoms, working in collaboration with other therapists in order to provide the best possible support for clients.

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Healing Together Workshop

Designed as a support for individuals on their healing journey, this workshop series incorporates the evidence-based TCTSY trauma-sensitive yoga protocol and current research in the field of trauma with teachings from classical yoga philosophy.  A typical class incorporates both a  mindful movement practice as well as a facilitated group discussion.  Topics covered throughout the session include Self-Compassion, Body Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Decision-Making and Post-Traumatic Growth.  This workshop series is well suited as a support for work done in individual psychotherapy or counseling.

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Private Sessions

Private or semi-private sessions are client-oriented, providing flexibility in terms of the starting point, the structure and the focus of each session.  Sessions may focus primarily on a TCTSY inspired mindful movement practice, or they may begin by targeting a specific health concern, such as fibromyalgia, high or low blood pressure, depression, anxiety, arthritis or osteoporosis, as examples.  Private sessions invite participants to define their goals, help orient them within the field of yoga as a whole, help develop a targeted approach for practice, and ultimately support participants’ decisions in charting their own unique path towards healing and personal growth.



Intended for service providers and yoga teachers who would like to integrate the techniques and the theory of trauma-informed yoga into their work.  Training and consultation is available and workshops are customized according to interest and need.  For service providers, workshops may lean more into the theory and research around the TCTSY protocol, provide an opportunity for practice, explore its intersection with  other therapeutic approaches, and demonstrate some of the ways in which this perspective can be incorporate into individual counseling and therapy.  For yoga teachers, the emphasis might be more on differentiating between stress and trauma, on exploring how to bring trauma sensitivity into mainstream yoga classes, and on understanding trauma within the context of classical yoga philosophy.

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